Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Essential Questions - The Elderly Challenge

1. Can the elderly understand how to use the technology already in our daily lives?
Elderly may or may not be able to understand how certain machines - already existing - operate. So, the machinery may or may not need to be simpler

2. What are the restrictions in movements do they have?
Elderly may or may not be able to move around as easily as younger people. So, this may or may not need to be considered.

3. How differently does the elderly do things, what do they find inconvenient?
Elderly may or may not have different needs, like other age groups. So, it may or may not change the solutions generated.

How much money does the elderly, i.e. food, medical fees, electrical bills, water bills, etc.?
What special needs do the elderly have?
What does the elderly do in their daily lives?


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