Monday, 25 January 2010

P.I.E.S. *Stomach Growls*

Laptop Bag
P : It is poor in quality as it tore easily.
I : It helps reduce the weight on my shoulder and it can be gripped easily.
E : Relieved as I can use a sling bag. XD
S : It looks good as it is black.

Something Given to Me by Someone Older
P : Small and convenient.
I : It represents the happy times we have together.
E : Happy. XD

Taking a Ride in an MRT
P : Enjoying the ride...
I : Fast, need not drive to save fuel.
E : Boring.
S : Helps the society in conserving natural resources

Watching a Movie
P : Going to Cathay.
I : Nice graphics and story, Transformers
E : Happy and exciting.
S : It is high-demand movie.


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