Monday, 11 January 2010

ADMT Lesson 1

What is ADMT to Me!?
ADMT to me is a way to free our imagination to improve the world as we see it.
Why is ADMT Important?
It is the key to improving the world and the basis of everything around.
What would I Want to Learn In ADMT Lessons?
I would want to learn how to create designs, or the 'blueprints', of something.
Sketch how the world would look like without art, design, media and technology. Describe your briefly sketch.
This picture shows one of the possibilities the world would be like without ADMT. When less oxygen was used, the trees grew to great heights, pumping incredible amounts of oxygen into the air which creates gigantic creatures. When these creatures use up the oxygen too quickly, the environment would warm up and the creates shrink. Then the cycle continues...


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